The Bridge welcomes new volunteers from Melrose and beyond! 

Our philosophy is that young people greatly benefit when community members contribute their time, talent, and expertise to assist in public education.  

Volunteer Opportunities

ECC and Elementary School Volunteering

Volunteer roles abound at the preK and elementary level, most of them coming from the PTO and classroom teachers. 

The biggest regular/ongoing need is for people to help in the elementary school libraries. While our elementary schools now have library media teachers, the school libraries are still run almost entirely by volunteers. Students visit the library weekly or bi-weekly, and these visits are staffed entirely by volunteers. Duties include checking books in and out (it's very easy) and shelving books. Many class visits include a read-aloud as well! If you're more of a behind-the-scenes person, the libraries are always looking for help with regular tidying -- straightening shelves, making sure books are put away properly, etc., and may welcome assistance with things like labeling or repairing books. 

Occasionally elementary school teachers reach out to The Bridge for other volunteers, such as speakers on a particular topic or help with small groups. 

Middle and High School Volunteering

Volunteer roles are fewer at the secondary level, but they definitely still exist! 

Many volunteer opportunities are tied to specific activities, such as drama, music (band, orchestra, chorus, etc.), robotics, and sports. You can learn more about the organizations that help support these activities here [links coming soon], and reach out to them to get involved. The Bridge is also happy to make an introduction! Occasional volunteer opportunities may come from the PTO at the secondary level as well.

The Bridge works with department directors, educators, and counselors to fill other volunteer needs at the middle and high schools. We bring volunteers in to make real world connections to the curriculum, offer career exploration, assist with college application preparation, provide small group or individual tutoring, and more.  

Getting Set Up to Volunteer

All volunteers must be registered and have a valid CORI background check on file with The Bridge.


CORI paperwork must be completed in person

If you are an elementary or Franklin ECC caregiver or family member, you may complete the form in the front office of your student's school anytime during school hours, or make an appointment to meet with The Bridge's coordinator of volunteers, Lisa Lewis (who can be flexible with after school hours). 

All other interested volunteers should reach out to Lisa to schedule a CORI appointment. You can reach Lisa at llewis@melroseschools.com.

It only takes about 5 minutes to fill out the form, however it can take several days for it to be processed (so make sure you leave enough time before volunteering!). You will need to bring a government issued photo ID (e.g., driver's license, passport, etc.) with you. 

CORIs with The Bridge are valid for 3 school years. Unfortunately, we cannot share CORIs across organizations, so you must CORI with The Bridge even if you recently completed one for another organization. 


You can register online with The Bridge here (or click the button below). If you have questions about or need assistance with this process, please contact Lisa Lewis at llewis@melroseschools.com. She's happy to help!