About The Bridge

The Bridge is a 501c3 non-profit organization that recruits, screens, trains, and places volunteers in the eight Melrose Public Schools. We provide centralized volunteer management that benefits both volunteers and educators alike. Bridge volunteers enrich educational opportunities for all Melrose students from preschool through high school – they work in elementary libraries, serve as PTO leaders, chaperone field trips, share career information with students, and much more. Bridge volunteers give thousands of hours to our schools every year. Our philosophy is that young people greatly benefit when community members contribute their time, talent, and expertise to assist in public education.

Interested in volunteering? You can register online with The Bridge here (or click the button below). All volunteers must be registered and have a valid CORI background check on file (CORIs with The Bridge are valid for 3 school years) before volunteering. 

CORI paperwork must be completed in person. If you are an elementary or Franklin ECC caregiver, you may complete the form with the administrator in the front office of your student's school anytime during school hours, or make an appointment to meet with The Bridge's Coordinator of Volunteers, Lisa Lewis. You can reach Lisa at llewis@melroseschools.com. All other interested volunteers should reach out to Lisa to schedule a CORI appointment. 

It only takes about 5 minutes to fill out the form, however it can take several days for it to be processed (so make sure you leave enough time before volunteering!). You will need to bring your driver's license (or other government issued photo ID) with you.